Restore Your Drains

Get your sink and pipes professionally repaired

Are you dealing with a leaky sink? Are your pipes cracked? Prime Time Plumbing can repair and replace problem pipes, spigots, valves and drains. We'll provide a thorough assessment of your plumbing problems and deliver reliable repairs that resolve your specific concerns.

Contact our professional plumbers today to schedule fast and reliable sink and pipe repairs.

Upgrade your plumbing standards

Upgrade your plumbing standards

Broken bathroom plumbing components can cause a lot of problems for your family and guests. Prime Time Plumbing provides comprehensive pipe repair services that cover:

Drain cleaning - clear away stubborn clots without harsh chemicals
Crack or leak repair - keep water line leaks from ruining your property
Valve replacement - stop leaks at the source and increase your water pressure
Faucet repair - keep leaky faucets from running up your water bill
Sink replacements - get rid of your broken sink and restore the use of your bathroom

Reach out to us in Bakersfield, CA to learn more about our sink and pipe repair services; call 661-369-9993.