Flush Away Your Sewage Problems

Flush Away Your Sewage Problems

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A broken sewer system is one thing that no one wants to mess with. Fortunately, the professionals at Prime Time Plumbing have years of experience repairing residential and commercial sewer lines in Bakersfield, CA. Whether you're dealing with a faulty toilet or major sewer line damage, our professionals can solve your problems and get your bathroom back up and running in no time.

Leave the dirty work to the professionals at Prime Time Plumbing. Get in touch today to schedule our fast and reliable services.

Signs you need sewer repair

Take action before your bathroom breaks down completely and backs old sewerage into your home or office. There are some telltale signs you need sewer repair. Some obvious signs to look for are:

Your running water is discolored
Your yard is soggy or has an odor
Your drains are flowing slowly
Your toilet bowl level is inconsistent
Your water bill has increased

If you're experiencing any of these issues in your home or office building, don't hesitate to give Prime Time Plumbing a call at 661-369-9993.